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The Brass Grommet and Exclusive Big Hole:


Exclusive Big Hole

A 1/2 inch hole is punched into the coated paper tag before it is heat sealed.
Lamination is heat sealed to very edge of big hole.
Then a 3/16" hole is punched into the lamination.
This leaves a heat sealed ring of plastic all around the hole.
Shown with grommet

Then the Brass Grommet is compressed into the hole with a mechanical press.
The brass grommet provides plenty of room for the steel cable and also accepts a large cable tie.

The plastic lamination under the grommet is heat sealed. This greatly increases the strength of the tag around the grommet and makes it impossible to pull the grommet through the all the plastic from the hole to the edge of the card. If the thieve does not wear heavy gloves, he is also likly to slice his hand or fingers. It is certainly impossible for one person to hold the bike or other property and pull the tag off with one hand.

If the tag were to be pulled off, the grommet and the stainless steel cable will remain. Law enforcement is briefed on the system and the hanging cable and grommet, etc. is going to be a total giveaway that the bike was just stolen.

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