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About the Competition.

The only product at the same price point is a single sticker with only web site support. It has no real customer service. A single sticker is also much easier for a thief to find and remove than the security tag and five security labels in our system.

The primary purpose of any protection system is to discourage the potential thief and slow him down. Removing a single sticker is not going to take long. However, dealing with a hanging tag, plus a large ID sticker is going to send the thief to another bike as it is going to take too long to remove those and he is exposed to a greater chance of arrest.

In addition, the thief is not likely to know about or find the 4 hidden stickers. If he does know about our system, then he is not likely to steal the bike in the first place as there is no way to find and remove all the ID stickers before riding off with the bike or otherwise transporting it. Our system greatly increases the chances of the bike being identified.

Kryponite, the bike lock maker, offers a QRcode sticker. If your bike is stolen, you report it to them at their site and the code is marked as stolen. The problem with this approach is that someone has to scan the QRcode sticker with a smart phone with the QRcode application. Perhaps the police might think of that, but citizens with smart phones are not going to look for that label and then go to the bother of scanning it on the off chance the bike might be stolen. There is virtually no chance of that system working by citizen participation. Personally I have never seen one of those stickers.

The system does result in bike recovery if the label is on the bike as it contains contact information when the bike is recovered by other means by law enforcement. The QRcode itself hasn't really proven to be of much value.

If someone wants to spend significant money, there are RFID chip solutions and even more expensive GPS systems. There is a plug that goes into the seat tube which contains a RFID chip. First the police have to recover the bike and what are the odds that they have an RFID chip reader, and one sensitive enough to work through the metal tube, or are going to use it if they did. I would say this system has a very low chance of recovering your bike.

For the price, SecureBIKEtag is the best product available and the most effective.

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