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What We Mean: "Virtually Indestructible".

The tags are virtually indestructible when considering the effects of nature, normal wear and tear and the efforts of one person attempting to remove or destroy the tag (without tools), assuming the opportunity to do so. Our tag design is used in a number of products including luggage tags. In all of our experience the tag itself has never been the point of failure.

The main purpose of the large tag is psychological and as a deterent. It will deter amateurs and opportunists. For the professional it increases the time it takes to steal the bike, and in conjunction will all the other tags on the bike, increases the chances of being caught.

A professional bike thief who is going around with commercial wire cutters and bolt cutters and risking arrest for possession of burglary tools will be able to defeat the stainless steel cable, but that is only the first problem they must deal with.

Any physical security measure (and certainly for $10) can be defeated with the proper tools and enough time. It is the time that is the enemy of the thief. Usually the opportunity to steal the bike is limited and our product makes that opportunity even more limited and fraught with much more risk.

Assuming the thief has the opportunity to cut off the bike lock and the SecureBIKEtag, he then has to decide what to do with the tag. Does he drop it right there? Does he pick it up and take it with him? He then risks getting fingerprints on the tag and risks being caught with a rather incriminating piece of evidence. Does he pick it up, take it with him some distance and then dispose of it? What might that RFID thing do? The point is, it complicates the bike theft and increases the risk of being caught.

The tag itself is not insignificant and it could be recovered with the thief's fingerprints. We got a call from airport security in Honolulu Hawaii in the second quarter of 2012 when one of our luggage tags was found on the tarmac. It and the grommet were intact. It was from an early kit that was sold with plastic cable ties rather than the stainless steel cables. From our experience with the limited number of reports we have gotten, the tags are never the point of failure, it is the point of attachment to the bag.

Some customers of our luggage tags have researched all the alternatives on the market and have chosen our tags. Some customers have said they wish the tags were metal, but customization of metal tags is limited to marking a serial number on them. We could never include all the information we do (especially for our custom tags with photographs, name and email address) and the price would be at least 3 times as much. One metal tag has a price equal to our entire kit. However, as we said, the tag itself has not proven to be the point of failure, so metal is not really an advantage and is certainly not cost effective.

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