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The RFID radio chip on the card is currently simulated. The purpose is to discourage theft. It is both a psychological and physical deterent. The RFID design will vary over the life of a product and between product types. They will be different materials and colors. The antenna design will vary. Nobody, other than customers, will be able to be certain what any of them do or don't do.

In the future, estimated at 12 to 18 months, the product will be available with an actual working RFID chip. The general public will have no idea which chips are simulated and which are real. There are so many types of RFID chip/antenna combinations that nobody could be certain which ones are real and which are simulated. The actual chips as as small as the head on a stick pin, and what you see is actually the antenna which can have many variations.

The working chip will contain manufacturer's info and the serial number of the product. It will not contain any personal information. The RFID chip will not be on the card tag anyway, as that would make it too easy to remove from the bike. The RFID chip upgrade will be designed to fit inside the frame of the bike, such as in the seat tube. RFID chips are common for identification of pets, as manufacturers and vets have promoted that product. RFID chips in bikes are still generally unknown and the existing devices cost above $50. Police departments also do not generally have RFID readers or scan bikes for chips.

Thus, selling working RFID chips is part of a larger marketing program to educate police departments, sell readers and other support activities.

When we switch the product to functional RFID chips you will be able to upgrade your product at any time for a small fee. As mentioned, the chip will not be in the hanging tag as that would be too obvious and easy to remove.

However, the simulated RFID chip on the hanging tag will still have the purpose of deterence. The working RFID chip can be scanned by police departments with RFID readers, but will not do much else for a few years until BPPRN is established in cities around the country. The Blue Planet Property Recovery Network, the primary purpose of this domain, will be able to track and recover stolen and lost property virtually automatically. It will not rely upon police departments. We will be able to automatically track stolen property throughout metro areas. We can not detail this project until all the necessary patents have been applied for and/or granted.

Ultimately, in addition to the deterence factor of the simulated chip, the working RFID chip will significantly aid in the recovery of lost or stolen property.

In any case, most thieves will not know if the chip is real or not, and will leave it alone. Few are going to take the chance. The marketing of working RFID devices will in fact improve the deterence effect of the simulated devices because then the thief will have no idea which tags are associated with working devices.

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