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How the System Works
Most thieves are cowards and will move on when they see the tag. Its first purpose is to act as a deterent. Just like a home alarm or car alarm, the thief will move to an easier and less risky target.

If the thief is determined, the system slows the thief down, which is the last thing they want to happen. Not only do they have to deal with the bike lock, they have to make a decision about the tag. Trying to cut the stainless steel cable is going to be time consuming. Cutting the tag itself will leave the cable and grommet attached to the bike. That assumes the person has something that will cut the tag, which is itself not so easy. Bolt cutters and things like that are not going to cut the tag and the filaments of the stainless steel cable will simply bend between the blades.

If the thief is not aware of our system he is going to have serious second thoughts cutting the tag off and thus cutting through the alarm circuit or the RFID chip. He does not know what is going to happen. Also, if the tag is cut off, what does the thief do with the tag? Most bike thieves aren't likely to wear gloves, especially in a warm climate like Florida, so the tag is likely to have fingerprints on it. So does the thief take the tag or leave it? He does not want to be carrying something that will send him straight to jail.

We recommend that you wipe down the tag on a regular basis to keep it free of dirt and your own fingerprints as it is the perfect surface to capture the fingerprints of the thief.

If the thief is aware of our system, he knows that there are other tags on the bike as well, but he does not know how many are actually attached or where they are. He is not going to be able to study the bike then and there, so he knows that if he is caught with the bike, he could well be busted.

Blue Planet has sent kits and/or literature to the Sheriff, Police Chief and State Attorney in Monroe County and will do the same thing in other counties where the product is being sold. The kits ask that the department brief police officers about the product. Other types of outreach to law enforcement will also be conducted.

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