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Telephone and Web Support.


All tags have our web address for reporting lost and found bikes and other transport. First, visit our site to register your purchase. We recommend you upload photographs of your bike. Please be prepared to provide as full of a description of your bike as possible when you register your tags.

The tag also includes an email address of "help@blueplanetsecurity.com", and in the case of very small tags and later produced ones, we also use "help@bpprn.com" and "report@bbprn.com". The BPPRN.com domain was obtained years after blueplanetsecurity.com and our other Blue Planet domains.

Most tags include two telephone numbers. One number is Toll Free which works only in the United States. The second number is a direct dial number that will work throughout the world. We are the only personal property recovery system that provides telephone support.

All calls to these numbers are automatically and legally recorded. Calls to the 888 number (the same as an 800 number) have ANI, or Automatic Number Identification, which means we get the number the call comes from. There is no possible way for the caller to block their number as can be done with Caller ID. This can be useful under certain circumstances.

In the case of the bike surface tags, they are too small to include all the information on our standard inside tags, thus they contain the website url and the registration number. Law enforcement can certainly figure that out and we provide local police departments with literature and/or free samples of the kit and encourage them to brief their officers about the kit.

The customer's laminated wallet card has a different email address for reporting lost luggage. We use a different email address to keep these mailboxes free of spam and unnecessary email so we can quickly act upon customer reports. Some products use "report@blueplanetsecurity.com" or "report@bpprn.com". Other products may use different email addresses.

securebiketag.com, is the home for our SecureBIKEtag line of products.

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